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Use your AC at Highest Efficiency

Electric appliances and lights are great but they also waste a lot of heat that gets added to your home. Take incandescent lights, for example, these lights convert almost 90% of the electricity used into heat.

Or if you’ve been holding on to your old fridge, if you replace it with a newer model, you will save a ton on your electric bills. You don't always have to spend a lot of money to maintain the investment you've made in your central air conditioning system.

Understanding the different parts of your HVAC system and keeping it running efficiently will keep your system in top working condition for when you need it most this summer.

We recommend using the helpful tips described along with regular maintenance to save money and reduce the chance of a problem developing with your system. Air conditioning repair NJ will be at your doorstep if you need.

In this blog, however, we are highlighting the best, no-cost suggestions for air conditioning maintenance. These tips can help keep air conditioning systems healthy as the weather gets warmer and homeowners will begin turning on their units.

1. Clean around the outdoor condenser unit. Your outdoor unit will work most efficiently if it is clean and clear of debris. Vacuum indoor vents and keep vents unblocked. You can vacuum dust and any debris away from indoor supply vents to help maintain steady airflow from your system. Air conditioning repair Wayne NJ suggests you to keep items like blinds, furniture and toys away from blocking the vents.

2. Increase your thermostat by a few degrees. Typically, adjusting temperatures 5 – 8 degrees (down in winter,

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