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Brush Up Your HVAC System for this Spring Season

If you enjoy longer days and beautiful weather with ideal temperatures, you may just love spring. This is one of the favorite times of the year for many people. However, the heating and cooling needs for your home will go from one extreme to the other. You’ll need to prepare your HVAC unit for spring by completing a few maintenance tasks for optimal results. Knowing specific ways to get your heating and cooling system ready for this time of the year are sure to be helpful as the weather changes. HVAC contractors in NJoffer you the best services at your doorstep.

Take Your A/C for a Pre-Spring Spin

Switch your HVAC system from heat to cool, adjust your thermostat a few degrees down, and let it run one complete cycle. As your A/C cycles, pay attention and see if you notice any or all of the following:

● Listen for any strange sounds such as knocking or banging

● Note how long it takes to cycle on and off again, and if it stops at any point mid-cycle

● Notice if there are any unusual odors

● See if you feel like your indoor air is actually getting cooler

● Walk from room to room, making sure all the vents are open and clear.

● Walk outside and listen to your unit as it cools and also pay attention to odors and any debris or discharge on or around the unit itself.

Schedule Your Pre-Spring HVAC Maintenance & Cleaning

For safety as well as energy efficiency's sake, it is a wise plan to schedule a routine HVAC maintenance inspection and cleaning at least twice per year, once just before spring and again just before winter. HVAC contractor Haskell NJ will help you schedule a pre-spring maintenance at the lowest possible cos

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