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Tips To Keep Pests Out of Your HVAC System

Pests can be found anywhere even in the HVAC systems. Various insects, spiders and moths have the propensity to destroy almost everything from furniture to HVAC systems. Pests create almost all sorts of problems such as increased energy costs, decreased functionality, and many more. Pests can destroy your appliances by chewing the wire promoting mold, fungi, maggots, and mildew, carrying diseases, or by urinating on the appliance. In addition to the damage to the appliance, pests can also emerge as a major risk to your family’s health. Pests are associated with spreading various health diseases and infecting the food which would be harmful to consume.

Here are some tips to keep pests away from HVAC system


Sealing air ducts: 


Air ducts are the common entry for pests in your house. Various pests including mouse, spiders, insects and moths look for small areas through which they can enters your house and create mess. Moreover, the big gaps between heating and cooling devices also decrease the efficiency of your HVAC devices. It can make the temperature go extreme and create discomfort. Our expert HVAC contractor Haskell NJ will seal those gaps using a foil tape or mastic sealant.

External air vent screens installation: 

Although the air vents of AC system are essential, however, they also give entry to the pests directly to the HVAC system. AC vents are one of the most vulnerable parts that allows pests to enter your system as in the home. Our expert HVAC contractor Haskell NJ will help you get rid of this problem by installing a cover on the external vent with wire mesh, which will restrict the entry of pests into the appliance. Wire mesh is a cover having tiny holes that will restrict even the smallest of insects from entering the system.


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