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Top 5 Tips to Buy a New Furnace That Suits Your Historic Home

Historic homes are known for their unique architecture and gorgeous designs. These types of homes are a valuable asset and hard to find in the current times, hence, they are a great investment. Purchasing a historic property can be a viable option for those who love antique designs. However, historic homes do come with a lot of challenges. These types of homes require a lot of maintenance and often demand furnace repair NJ. The most common difficulties faced with historic homes is the never-ending appliance and furnace repair New Jersey and replacing the old furnace with a new one. Buying a new furnace for the historic home would depend on various factors which the homeowners must know.  

Here are the Top 5 tips to buy a new furnace that suits your historic home:  


Type of furnace: 


The furnace which you are going to but for your historic home should highly depend on the type. According to fuel combustion and size, there are three types of furnaces that furnace repair NJ provides such as the high-efficiency furnace, medium furnace, and conventional furnace out of which one can choose from. The high-efficiency furnace saves up to 90% of energy and suits best for a commercial and large home, while medium efficiency furnaces provide an energy saving of up to 80-90% and prove better for any type of home. On the other hand, conventional furnaces offer only 75-80% of energy-saving and suits for smaller homes.  


There is a higher need to replace the old furnace with a new one in your historic home because of its low-efficiency. Old furnaces are less-efficient and coverts only 60% of fuel to heat. This will lead to high energy consumption and less saving. In addition to this, old furnaces are not fully functional and provide less comfort during the colder days. Historic homes require such furnaces that offer efficiency rate up to 80%. 

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