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Boilers - Various Types and Heating Repair

Boilers are the widely used heating appliance in homes, industrial, commercial, and institutional use. It is a closed vessel which is used to heat and vaporize water to create steam at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure. Boilers act as a savior during the extreme cold weather. These are widely used for climate control and industrial purposes. There is a large usage of boilers at every place including hospitals, schools, factories and food production. A boiler is a crucial piece of equipment that produces high to low-pressure steam to perform various domestic and industrial functions. There are various types of boilers for different purposes.

Here are various types of boilers:


Water-tube boilers:

As the name says, the water tube boiler is used to fill the water inside the tube and heat it from the outside source. Water-tube boilers are widely used for variable load requirements and high-pressure demands due to its advance ability of rapid heat transfer. These types of boilers are available in large capacities as compared to other types of boilers.

Fire-tube boilers:

A fire tube boiler is used to transfer heated gas into several tubes that help in heating the room through a water-filled chamber. Thermal induction is performed to create steam that directs the heat through the walls of the tube. Areas having large and constant steam demand mostly have fire tube boilers. However, unlike water-tube boilers, fire-tube boilers are not suitable for the high-pressure application.

Packaged vs. field-erected boilers:

There are two types of boilers depending on the size including packaged and field-erected. Smaller or packaged boilers are suitable for domestic purposes as they are small in size and ready to be shipped at a particular location. These are ready-made boilers and require a minimum assembly. Most of the fire-tube and other boilers are packaged boilers and installed right away, while larger water-tube or field-erect boilers are big in size and cannot be shipped. These are constructed on-site as they are impossible to be shipped at a particular location. These types of boilers are suitable for industrial and commercial purposes.

Boiler fuel:

Some boilers types can also be classified by the type of fuel used in them. Fuel type boilers are most commonly used in industries. Some of the common types of fuels used in these boilers system include gas and oil, coal, and biomass.

· Gas and oil: These types of boilers operate using various gases including natural gas, and a mix of ethane, methane, pentane, butane and propane. These types of boilers are known as gas-fired boilers, while boilers that run on various oils including diesel, gasoline, and other petroleum-based fuels. These types of boilers are known as oil-fired boilers.

· Coal: most of the boilers run on crushed coal that provides better efficiency and compared to the large coal clumps. These types of boilers are most commonly used in industries. These boilers are typically known as coal-fired boilers.

· Biomass: Some type of boilers run on burnt combustible plant materials including wood construction debris, wood chips, and corn husks. These boilers are typically known as biomass-fired boilers.

Combustion types:

Some of the boilers can also be classified on the basis of how they achieve combustion. Some of the common combustion type coilers fall in the following categories:

· Thermic fluid: these types of boilers use petroleum-based fuel inside its closed system. Thermic fluid heaters are well-known for their greater efficiency. However, thermic fluid heaters are not suitable for several applications.

· Stoker: These types of boilers burn lump coal. A spreader stoker provides a continuous supply of coal while a chain-grate stoker also known as a travelling grate stoker directs the fuel in one area then distributes it using the moving grate.

· Fluidized bed: These are one of the most common methods of burning solid fuels in boilers. Fluidized bed technology involves suspending the fuel using a bubbling hot mixture of water along with sand particles. This type of boilers is well-known for a cleaner, rapid heat transfer and more efficient operation.

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