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Top 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Air Duct Clean

Breathing healthy air is not only necessary but also basic hygiene that should be maintained in your home. Every house has passages that allow heating, ventilation and air conditioning of your house. These passages are known as air ducts that are useful in removing toxic or unhealthy air from your house and delivering fresh air. Air duct cleaning NJ is highly essential to remove the dust and harmful contaminants settled on the system to enable clear ventilation and to maintain the cleanliness of your house. Regular cleaning of the air duct is as essential as the cleanliness of your house.

Here are the top 5 tips on how to carry out air duct cleaning NJ:


Furnace filters should be changed regularly:

Furnace filters of the air duct catch dirt and dust particles which get settled on the surface and form a layer that causes a lot of irritants in the air. Through the regular change of the furnace filters, homeowners can keep their air duct clean and make it last longer. Most of the furnace filters need to be changed in every two to three months for extended usage, while others need to be replaced.

Regular maintenance: 

Every appliance runs longer if maintained properly. Regular maintenance of air duct helps in boosting its efficiency and avoiding the buildup of dust and dirt of the furnace. It can help in the expansion of the air duct’s life. Maintenance of the air duct needs to be done once a year. For the maintenance of your air duct, contact air duct cleaning NJ. Our professionals will find out the issue and resolve it using tools and software. Our experts will help fix the problem before it becomes more severe. They are pro at everything.

Keep your home’s air clean: 

Keeping your home’s air clean means limited the dust and dirt in the air. Keep your indoor air clean through regular cleaning and limited dust. Make sure you clean every surface of your house twice or at least once a weak. There are several other activities which contribute in making the indoor air toxic including smoking, pet hair, and more. Perform vacuum cleaning on carpeted surfaces, dust hardwood flooring, wash bedding and pet bedding to avoid indoor air from getting contaminated. Use a high-quality HEPA filter vacuum to perform a thorough cleaning of your house.

Call for inspection: 

Inspection for air duct cleaning NJ demands a professional. Triolo Contracting will provide you with skilled technicians who will perform the overall inspection of your air duct to find out the problem. Our experts will try to find out any evidence of damage, leaks, or gaps and fix it by sealing or replacing the ductwork. They are always equipped with the required tools to carry out the test for air pressure and for cleaning your air duct. Cleaning will help to find out any sign of a build-up or blockage in the air duct and fix it all together.

Reduce indoor allergens: 

Indoor allergens coming from outside air pollutants such as vehicle emissions and construction sites not only makes your air duct dirty but also proves harmful for people having respiratory issues such as sinus, asthma, and other issues. Moreover, it causes discomfort and health risks to the people of the house resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, headache, irritation in nose, eyes, throat, lungs, difficulty in breathing and concentration, and more. These contaminants enter through open windows and doors and settle on the surface of your air duct. To avoid allergens coming into your house, people can use a whole-house humidifier to keep their indoor environment clean.

Triolo Contracting is the place for your all service needs. For more details, contact us to know the best prices or to book an easy appointment.

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