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AC Bills Too high? Super Easy Ways to Reduce It

The summers are round the corner. You will be pestered by the high temperatures for at least next 5 months and if somebody tells you how to reduce your AC Bills, it will be a great save. The best advice can be given by air conditioning repair NJ,who is known expert in this.

1. Use A Ceiling Fan:

It can make you feel six or seven degrees cooler via the wind-chill effect: A fan doesn’t cool a room; it just makes it more comfortable to be in. If you also use an air conditioner, a ceiling fan helps disperse cooled air more efficiently and allows you to raise its thermostat by as much as four degrees, with little or no discomfort guaranteed by air conditioning repair in Franklin Lakes NJ.

2. AC can be used economically:

Setting your AC as high as is comfortably possible and using a programmable thermostat to increase temperature when you’re out, or asleep, could easily decrease your summer cooling bill by 10%. Remember: The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures throughout the summer season, the less you’ll spend. Set your AC’s thermostat to 78ºF instead of 72ºF (if you don’t mind some heat) and you could lop as much as 18% off your summer cooling costs. Coming into a hot house? Air conditioning repair in Pompton Lakes NJsuggests that turning the AC to a colder-than-normal setting won’t cool rooms any faster. You’ll probably forget you turned it down in the first place, resulting in pointless spending.

3. Maintain Cooling Systems:

It’s not enough to use an energy-efficient AC and install a programmable thermostat. If you don’t properly care for your equipment, it w

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